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Raw Cakes…..what are raw cakes?

Welcome to YRK!! ……Raw Cakes are quite a new way of eating in this age of health conscious people. This generation is an exciting one as we are challenging our concepts of food, how to eat it and where it has come from like no other time!

Yvette’s Raw Kitchen or YRK as we are often called, are premier producers of simply the most flavorsome raw cakes on offer today.

Raw creating is a new way of making cakes and slices, taking an interesting group of ingredients  generally ORGANIC and definitely raw, fresh from the most local source available and turning them into a commercially acceptable dessert product.

YRK avoid all processed ingredients and do not add any preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, soy or GMO ingredients.

Yvette’s Raw Kitchen creates a range of raw cakes and slices that entice the eyes, dance on the taste buds, satisfy cravings and comforts the brain, knowing that the best possible choice was made for our after dinner snack, morning tea or treat.

Not only do we appeal to the health conscious person but also to the person exploring healthful eating who is abandoning traditional over processed foods who are now making better food choices for their entire families from toddlers right through to Nan and Pop.

The other customer we see a lot of these days are the people who are intolerant of so many types of traditional foods, this includes people who are allergic to dairy, egg, gluten and wheat just to name a few. YRK cakes and slices are free from all these products and are classified as Paleo, vegan and vegetarian.

Our raw cakes and slices are found up and down the NSW mid north coast and selected stores in Sydney metro area, in cafes restaurants and health food stores.

Yvette’s Raw Kitchen love to make raw celebration cakes for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, bar mitzvahs or any other gathering that would enjoy gorgeous desserts.

YRK is branching out!  We now have our own freezer delivery van.  Place your order and have our cakes delivered to your door if you’re located on the mid north coast. YRK cooler bags are also available to take care of your YRK purchase!!

Cheers and Raw Hugs Yvette xxx


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